05 May 2010

Shadows of the Mind ~ Shadows of the Heart

She cannot verbalize what is bothering her.

Her behavior is self-destructive and mystifying.

Prayers are offered up to the One who knows the secret places of the soul.

She draws a picture of the behavior.

There the troubles become visible. The hurting places show in scribbles and color and words.

She can explain the picture. Little hurts are big hurts to a child. Hurtful words from friends and anxious thoughts and feelings are too much to deal with.

Words and hugs give assurance of what is Truth.

Reminders that God will help us with all of our feelings if we ask Him.

Exhortation that forgiveness of others is necessary for her happiness....Jesus wants her to forgive.

The heart directs the mind.....the mind directs the body......it matters not if you understand it or acknowledge it. 
It is so.

It does not matter if you are a child.

It does not matter if you are an adult.

It does not matter if the hurts happened long ago.

It does not matter if you can verbalize your feelings or not.

Tell God. Ask Him to help.

Draw a picture prayer.....play a prayer song.......the Holy Spirit will bring it to the surface.

Don't bear it alone. Find someone you trust to help you carry it to the Father.

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