28 April 2010

Lost! (Not the Show)

On Monday around supper time, the kids and I were leaving the elementary school where we attend Good News Club.  
On the way home, I started looking for the small little card holder that I had brought with me which held my license, insurance cards, bank cards, etc......

It Was Gone!

21 April 2010

Walking the Path ~ 50 Years and Counting......

 It was the dawn of a new decade. 
One that would bring things into existence that were unheard of at the time. 

A decade of unrest, drugs, free love, rock music, riots, turning patriotism into a four-letter word and throwing God out of the public schools. 

But in one small town, the simple things were still the big things - the important things. 
God, family, hard work.

06 April 2010

A Needed Word

The weekly physical therapy appointment gives an hour to catch up on grading papers.

 Not much was done last week because I was not here to oversee it.
 Not much was understood because I was not here to explain it. 
Instead, my time was diverted by a child whose needs seem to be growing every day.

02 April 2010

"Why Do You Call Me Good?" ~ Pondering Good Friday

All this week I have heard and read glimpses of the phrase, 
"This is Holy Week." 

My week did not seem so holy.