21 May 2010

Winding Down, Gearing Up, or Just Plowing Straight Ahead

May is nearing an end. 
Co-op is over...
field trips and gym days, nearly so....
graduations are happening......
book sales have started. 

My school room is spilling into the dining room as I clean up and clear out and try to figure out what to keep and what to store.  Intead of feeling the excitement of nearing the end of a school year, we will have to keep going a bit longer with a shorter break this year. To me, it feels like October...and I'm still unsure of what I'm doing.

07 May 2010

He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear

I received an email from my third-born, 
recently married college daughter. 
She sent photos of a project that she and some classmates did in Biology II about the ear. They made a clay sculpture and had drawings and a paper to accompany it. 
As a teacher, I was impressed. 
As a mom, I was encouraged.

She was my first to be "totally homeschooled". 

05 May 2010

Shadows of the Mind ~ Shadows of the Heart

She cannot verbalize what is bothering her.

Her behavior is self-destructive and mystifying.

Prayers are offered up to the One who knows the secret places of the soul.