15 January 2010

Temperature is Relative

One week ago, we had 4-6 inches of snow. 

Homeschool co-op was cancelled, public and private schools were cancelled or delayed, and we were hunkered down inside a "kinda warm" house.  

It was so very cold outside and the wind was blowing the snow into drifts. 
Then on Saturday, the kids had a blast playing in the snow.

13 January 2010

Pray for Haiti

I've been watching the news, along with many of you,and have seen the destruction from the earthquake in Haiti.  There is such devastation. Such anguish. Such misery.

 Immediately, I thought of my brother-in-law and his family who, with their church, have gone to Haiti many times to minister to the people there. They have at least one mission there....and they have friends there. 

I was thankful when he called this evening to say that he had heard from his friends and they are okay....the mission is okay......in one of the areas.  There are other areas that they have not heard from yet.

Tonight there are thousands of people who are not accounted for....whose families and friends are waiting to hear if they are safe....Some of them are Americans......Some are native Haitians.....Some vacationers.....

Some met the Lord ......some met Eternity without Him......

It will be many days before help can get to these people. Some will die waiting.

Please join with me and pray for the people of Haiti. Pray that the Lord will be with those who are suffering and those who are waiting. Pray for the people who are bringing help to those who are helpless....for their safety and strength.

Pray for the orphan.

Pray for the widow.

Pray,  knowing that above all else, God is El Elyon. The Most High God who rules and reigns over heaven and earth. He is in control.

He knows.

He sees.

He hears the cries of the afflicted.

He is there............If you want to be His hands and feet, prayerfully consider giving here.

04 January 2010

A New Year of Gratitude

I'm a little late in announcing 
the birth of a New Year, 
but I am sure it has found you without my help.  
Others have jumped right on it with vigor and promise and I have stayed back in the lull between Christmas and this Newness of 2010.

The married kids have come and gone.  The house is still in a state of in-between with decorations in boxes still piled around and bedding waiting its turn in the washing machine.

I'm feeling the lull.

Not exactly sad to see the old year go and not exactly eager for the new one to come. I know I'd better get busy because "real life" starts in earnest tomorrow.

And so I'm here without any energetic pep talks to offer you, but I do realize that it is Monday.  Monday isn't more special than any other day, but a few months ago, 
I found a challenge over at A Holy Experience   written by Ann Voskamp . 

Her challenge was to write down
each gift with gratitude.

1. salvation

2. kids climbing trees

3. too many books

4. doctors

5. husband who loves me
each one numbered
                                   6. pot of beans for supper

                            7. found: important papers
                            8. freedom
                            9. xrays and ct scans
                            10. grandparents

  Big or small
    11. shopping with hannah
   12. lunch at mcalisters
   13. husbands who call and check on you
   14. coffee
   15. freedom to worship

                                            especially the small
                                              16. kids who love family traditions

                                     17. abundance of food
                                     18. children laughing
                                     19. warm houses
                                     20. married children

and so I have attempted
21. my husband

22. the Holy Spirit who gives guidance, wisdom and comfort
23. grace
24. forgiveness
25. leftover lunch creations
26. physical therapists

27. little girl laughter
28. kids who clean kitchens to surprise me
29. music classes for my kids
30. homeschool support groups

and will say so here....
31. a car to drive
32. medicine
33. missionaries
34. music
35. a warm house
36. hot soup
37. medicine to help the pain
38. laundry rooms - even small ones
39. new ideas for Christmas gifts
40. crock pots

 and offer the challenge to you...

41. house decked out for christmas
42. musical inspirations
43. snow boots for everyone
44. baby noises
45. young families loving God and homeschooling their children
46. homeschool mom groups that support each other
47. hah friends who pray
48. everyone together for Christmas
49. mess to clean up after everyone leaves
50. reminders that family is important
51. long-distance calls from friends
52. husbands who sacrifice comfort and time to provide
53. grace

And focusing not on Past nor Future, but on Him who doeth all things well,  will chase the grayness away and give a purpose for my life which is built on many small things sanctified by the One who gives them....and feeds the multitudes.