03 October 2015

When It's Autumn in Montana....

... it is time to make a visit to meet the newest addition to the family.
And while there, visit a lovely park and photograph the autumn leaves.

08 September 2015

It's That Day Again...

Okay, Okay, Okay...

I haven't written anything since June...
it is now September...

And since I have proved that I can read a calendar, I had planned to come over here and cheat by just using this post from five years ago.

Because, today is "that day".

23 June 2015

It Feels Like Treading Water, Only More Exhausting

The theme of this summer seems to be,
"Planning for the Future".

08 June 2015

Just Keep Swimming....

The past three months have been very busy.

The past week has been crazy.

The past three days have been.....

11 May 2015

Around and Around and Around

When I was a child, our county fair was the highlight of the summer. It was typically the largest event for our rural community, and every kid I knew looked forward to the rides and the cotton candy and the 4-H ribbons. 

05 February 2015

Do Three Things

I've been thinking about changes, lately.

My kids are nearly all grown up and are facing decisions about their futures.

My husband and I have some important decisions to make this year regarding the future of our special needs child.

This stuff is hard.

Even the good, happy, growing up stuff like college and careers is chaotic at times.

The grown up kids around here are busy as bees and our driveway is often the scene of
The Dance of the Automobiles.

02 February 2015

Dollar Tree Therapy

I bet you think I'm going to write about shopping.

That only proves
you don't know me very well.  
I'm not a happy shopper.
That is, unless I'm finding some great stuff 
in a thrift store.

Which goes back to Dollar Tree. 
In this store, everything is only one dollar.


12 January 2015

Behold, All Things are Made New

Why does this happen every new year?  

Everyone is all eager to plan things.....

to set goals.....to improve themselves.....