16 December 2014


I've recently been blessed by some wonderful friends who have been sharing my blog.  

It has been a little while since I changed the format of my blog to a magazine style.  
I am still not very tech savvy, but I do realize that some of the older style posts do not translate well in the newer format.

So......if you take a notion to go to the old part of the house, you might find some cobwebs and broken bits lying around. 

14 December 2014

The Promise Was...

For unto us a Child is born. 
 Unto us a Son is given.

Words of the prophet Isaiah.  

Words sung in Handel's Messiah. 

Words printed on Christmas cards.

Words for a Nation in darkness.....

Promise to a World in despair......

11 December 2014

What can the Past tell you about the Future?

I have always loved stories from the past.
 Even as a kid, I had a wild imagination and
 loved to imagine people who had
 great or terrible adventures.....
all from things such as an unpaid electric bill stuck in the bricks of a fireplace mantle.....
or a letter left unanswered.

I was absolutely sure,
 back when I was eleven or twelve, 
that some poor relation of mine had met his demise at the hands of a ruthless 
kidnapper or somesuch.  

22 September 2014

the love thing...again

You know, it is relatively easy for humans to believe that since we are a sinful race, 
God can't truly understand our pain.

  Intellectually, we may know it to be true,
 but sometimes we discover it
 on a visceral level...
and it is liable to be in a place where we are not quite prepared to be undone.  

28 August 2014

Behold the Brave and the Mighty

The Brave One is not the biggest, 

nor the strongest, 

nor the greatest.

15 August 2014

Dying to Love Someone

Human beings never seem to be at a loss in searching for a good love story. 

13 August 2014

The Seed of the Church

How can we continue in our every day, superficial living, when we have continual 
24/7 news coverage and 
Facebook and Twitter and Whatnot Updates showing us the excessive evil 
 that is being set loose upon the 
weakest of the the World's population?

What can we do?

12 July 2014

Death Sentence Commuted

I am currently doing genealogy research 
for a cousin. 
 He wanted to find out two things:

Was his grandfather murdered in 1922 
as he'd always been told?

03 June 2014

The Perils of Procrastination

Well, I promised this post to my
 friends on Facebook.

Back in May. 

26 May 2014

Anybody Here Wanna Live Forever?

"Say, I do."

25 May 2014

A Memorial

May we never forget to honor those who have given everything to provide us with our great liberty.

21 May 2014

Miracles in the Journey

Uphold my steps in Your paths, 
that my footsteps 
may not slip.
psalms 17:5 nkjv

15 May 2014

Milestones in the Journey

Since my disappearance from the blogosphere, 
I have passed a few milestones.......

Not in order of importance, 
 nor even chronology....

12 May 2014

Delays in the Journey

I have a Motto:    

If you don't do something

 at least twice, 
it just isn't any fun.