07 May 2010

He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear

I received an email from my third-born, 
recently married college daughter. 
She sent photos of a project that she and some classmates did in Biology II about the ear. They made a clay sculpture and had drawings and a paper to accompany it. 
As a teacher, I was impressed. 
As a mom, I was encouraged.

She was my first to be "totally homeschooled". 

I taught this kid to read. Her older brother and sister had already learned "the important stuff" from a Christian school in Kindergarten (for sis) and K-1st (for bro). 
I felt clueless and fearful....and I'm afraid that she was the guinea pig , er um, tester for several curricula throughout her school career. 

Actually, all three of  my graduates have made me very proud. I see over and over that God is bigger than my homeschooling mistakes and blunders. He is the One who teaches them in spite of me, 
not because of me.

The encouragement comes because they all have a love for learning. They have their own particular interests and they seek out those things. This is something I am thankful for. And, I must admit, that I am overcome, too often I think for a homeschool mom who is finishing her 18th year of homeschooling, with a "crisis of confidence" in the curriculum I choose.

 My daughter's note that ,

" I loved Biology II ! 
I sure am glad I was able to take advanced biology (human anatomy) in highschool, cuz it sure was nice when I could remember things I learned then :)",

encouraged me that I had made a good choice for her. 
She is talking about Apologia's Advanced Biology 1st edition.  She is so excited that she is taking Biology III this summer. She is working on a double major in Bible and Elementary Education. Her interest in Biology has caused her to take these classes for her science credits.

Her excitement, in learning about the ear,
 was contagious. 

Truly, God is daily performing miracles just in keeping us alive and giving us our senses to relate to the world around us. 

Our bodies are perfectly designed and complex. 

We only have to ponder the fact that we can see and hear and touch our world to be amazed. 
If we have use of our eyes and ears and tongues and limbs and brains, 
how much do we have to praise Him for to keep us busy all day long?

For you home educators out there who often share in my "crises of confidence"......remember that God will give wisdom in the direction of your home school.  

He knows just what your children need. 
He knows that you will make mistakes.
 He is bigger than your mistakes. 

 He is bigger than your successes, too.

Thank Him when you see that spark of joy in learning in your children, 
no matter how old they are.  

Thank Him that He let you be a part of it.

photos by ellie minter and friends at sebc 2010

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