27 February 2010

Do You Have Your Passport?


They are the documents needed to enter and exit other countries including your own. 
They are prized by thieves and forged by those who would do evil. A little history of passports can be found here. 

I have copies of 1907 & 1908 passport applications of the woman and her granddaughter who first lived in this house . 
She was escorting her granddaughter to England for her upcoming marriage. 
Unfortunately for me, there were no photographs required then so I only have a written description which takes a bit of deciphering for the novice genealogist.

06 February 2010

The Power of Words

For the past month, I have been thinking about the power of words. Encouraging words, discouraging words.....we all know their power. 
But what I have discovered is the odd way in which it sometimes does not matter where the words originate.....and in others.....
well, it makes all the difference.