08 September 2010

A Goodly Heritage

Today's quote in my Elisabeth Elliot flip calendar says this: 

"A family is a microcosm of the
Family of God, and the same Law of Love governs both."

today is my birthday

I'd like to try to fulfill Exodus 20:12

07 September 2010

My Heart is in Mexico

This week my heart is in Mexico.  My husband and daughter are there on a mission trip.  This is her first trip to MITC.  Check out the website for the Mexican Indian Training Center.

Please pray for these faithful saints as they go about working for the Kingdom.

05 September 2010

Fairest Fourteen

I know a fair maiden with long golden hair.

Sounds like the start of an old Irish ballad, doesn't it?  But, this fair maiden is my sweet daughter whose birthday we celebrated just a, ....ahem, a few weeks ago.  Time is slipping past me very quickly and two more fair ladies have celebrated birthdays in the meantime.