07 December 2010

Remember Pearl

A friend had a book proposal returned
 with the explanation that, 

"People today, would not be able to relate to her stories of growing up in the 1940's". 

This did not make any sense to me. 

If that is true, then what does that say about those who have followed what has been dubbed 
"The Greatest Generation"? 

When I mentioned that today was 

"Pearl Harbor Day",

my daughter said, 

I realized then, that I needed to make sure the youngest of my children understands
 what that means.

06 December 2010

Carol of Summer

The month was August.
 I "thought" I was having contractions.
 Turns out,
 I was having a few "mild" ones 
that weren't really doing anything. 

I was ten days past my due date and feeling very irritated.