08 December 2012

Eye Trouble

I have read that,
 babies are born near-sighted
 and they can only see the distance
 from Mama's arms to her face.  

As they grow, their vision will usually sharpen 
and they will see things in the distance that they never knew existed. 

For some reason, that tendency to look at what is nearest becomes a habit with us in life.  

02 October 2012

the real you

One of the most difficult 
things to remember is 
that each person is 
a unique and distinct being. 

We seem to spend an enormous amount of time and effort seeking to be like everyone else 
and then feel dissatisfied. 

In the midst of trying to fit in with the crowd,
 we yearn to be unique.....

25 September 2012

when you want to disappear.........

I have wanted to disappear.

Into the mist.....

Out of my troubles.......

Turn inward. 

Focus on only the necessary.

Leave these virtual pages 
as sort of a phase I went through...
a whim...
something I could not complete.

27 January 2012

Teach Me to Number My Days...

Teach me to number my days...

because they are flying faster than the 
speed of sound...