16 December 2014


I've recently been blessed by some wonderful friends who have been sharing my blog.  

It has been a little while since I changed the format of my blog to a magazine style.  
I am still not very tech savvy, but I do realize that some of the older style posts do not translate well in the newer format.

So......if you take a notion to go to the old part of the house, you might find some cobwebs and broken bits lying around. 

14 December 2014

The Promise Was...

For unto us a Child is born. 
 Unto us a Son is given.

Words of the prophet Isaiah.  

Words sung in Handel's Messiah. 

Words printed on Christmas cards.

Words for a Nation in darkness.....

Promise to a World in despair......

11 December 2014

What can the Past tell you about the Future?

I have always loved stories from the past.
 Even as a kid, I had a wild imagination and
 loved to imagine people who had
 great or terrible adventures.....
all from things such as an unpaid electric bill stuck in the bricks of a fireplace mantle.....
or a letter left unanswered.

I was absolutely sure,
 back when I was eleven or twelve, 
that some poor relation of mine had met his demise at the hands of a ruthless 
kidnapper or somesuch.