05 February 2015

Do Three Things

I've been thinking about changes, lately.

My kids are nearly all grown up and are facing decisions about their futures.

My husband and I have some important decisions to make this year regarding the future of our special needs child.

This stuff is hard.

Even the good, happy, growing up stuff like college and careers is chaotic at times.

The grown up kids around here are busy as bees and our driveway is often the scene of
The Dance of the Automobiles.

Evening conversations run something like this:
"Who leaves first in the morning?
(Hannah, no Dad, no, I don't know, Tommy maybe?)
 Are you working in the morning? 
4:30 or 6:30?
(*you pick one, they're both horrible to me)
 Do you have class tomorrow?
(yes, no, it's all new this week)
 Will you need the van?
(only if you don't need it)
I need to work in the afternoon.
Will there be a car to go to ????????
Will anyone be here to eat supper?
Is Dad working in O- or will he be out of town?
(*both of these are out of town, but our current definition of  'out of town' means 'not O-')

Anyway, you get the picture....well, here is a picture of the driveway so you can see for yourself.  All that pretty snow on the left belongs to the neighbor.

So...now that you know more than you ever wanted to about how we arrange the vehicles in the driveway, 
what on earth was I trying to say?

Oh yeah, changes.

If you have read more than one of my blog posts, you know that change is something that I resist and that I am prone to inward and backward reflection.  
Many people choose a goal for the year, or a word to live by, or a verse.  (usually, they do this in January)
 I'm just needing some plain old common sense discipline. 
So, my very unoriginal response is to do three things every day.  Something to discipline the three parts of the human experience.  

Mind, Body, and Soul.

(See, I told you it was unoriginal.)

But, if I can discipline myself to do something positive for each of these areas of my being, I will be headed in the right direction.  I tend to become haphazard in these areas, going all out in an area for a while and neglecting others completely.

Three things for

...my mind

Learn something new every single day.
I am a curious person so this is easy and what I'm doing to excess lately. Right now, I am learning to use a new lens I received for my camera at Christmas. I was fooling with aperture settings today.

...my body

If you read Dollar Tree Therapy, you know this is something I need to work on.  For now, I am doing Tai Chi to ease my aching muscles and get stronger in order to do other things like yoga and walking on a treadmill. 

...my soul

That's an obvious one for a Christian.  Currently, I'm still puttering my way through a chronological read-through of the Bible. I'm using a new app on my computer to make it easier to take notes and keep up with it.  It was supposed to take one year.  I'm on day --  and I actually started it back in....umm....well, anyway, I updated it so I am current with day --.  

(enough confession to the masses today)

I hope to re-establish the discipline that I have let slip from my life.  Maybe, once I have those three things going for awhile, I can add something else to each category.  

How about you?

Care to share some things you are doing this year to make it better than the last?


  1. Your post made me cry, Deborah. I can so relate to your conversations and the "Dance of the Automobiles," lol. Need the van? Only if you don't. lol Yep. But for me, those things have moved on to the next step in life. My two oldest children have moved out, finding the next steps in their lives, and it is usually me and the "littles" (who I guess I should admit are not so little anymore!).

    Anyway, let's see. This year, I have started off by finishing up a couple things I had on my priority list for 2014 that did not quite make it. I am almost done with the first one! Yay! and Praise the Lord! I expect within the next couple weeks to have my Superstars for Jesus Vacation Bible School program all revised and ready to go back up for sale. Not sure where that would exactly fit in the mind-body-soul, but it is a big goal of mine. :)

    I have also (re-)committed to consistent morning *and* evening personal Bible study/devotional time *and* family worship. Soul, for sure. And it is going well and blessedly.

    And drinking water. Yep. Forever on my watch-out-for list. ;) That's body. :)

    Thanks, Deborah. Now I am smiling again. <3

    1. Glad I left you smiling, Sheila! You are way ahead of me if you are just finishing up 2014....remember, my photo cards from Dollar Tree Therapy were taken in 2012...yikers!

      If we are moving forward....even slowly...., we are still moving forward! God Bless on your VBS program and the rest.

      Thanks for sharing your three things.

    2. lol. Yes... I can't say I am always so "efficient." ;) But even trying moves us forward! I appreciate the blessing. :)

  2. Well, it certainly seems like you know how to organize chaos! Thanks for your encouragement.

    1. Not sure about that, Gina....but thank you.

  3. I came over to check out the two post you mentioned but read this first. I have a little experience the automobile thing hahaha....Our oldest is married now, and the second oldest is away at college so our driveway looks kind of sad now. Oddly enough I was thinking about yoga but was pretty sure I would hurt myself...maybe I will look into Tai Chi...and work my way up!

    1. LOL...that's me...and I started with something called Tai Chi for Arthritis that is on Amazon Prime for free....and it is more challenging than it looks.

  4. I am thinking about trying Tai Chi. I think it will be easier than yoga, which I use to do more than 10 years ago before the arrival of osteoarthritis in all of my joints. But, mind you, I said thinking.

    1. Mary, I really enjoyed learning Tai Chi. I followed a video on Amazon Prime called, Tai Chi for Arthritis. Very safe. I have now worked my way up to a beginner Yoga....It is interesting because both of them force you to pay attention to breathing and proper positioning. No time to let the mind wander and worry. Also, many of the movements/poses are the same as the exercises given to my daughter for physical therapy. It is surprising how quickly the body can adapt to it. I have not been doing it every day, but I can see significant improvements each and every time. And I feel better afterwards. So give it a try.