14 December 2014

The Promise Was...

For unto us a Child is born. 
 Unto us a Son is given.

Words of the prophet Isaiah.  

Words sung in Handel's Messiah. 

Words printed on Christmas cards.

Words for a Nation in darkness.....

Promise to a World in despair......

Seven Centuries before the birth of that Child.

A divided Israel invaded by her enemies
 as punishment from the God 
she had forsaken for so long. 

Gone were the days of plenty and peace.  
Now there was bloodshed and fear and no hope 
in the hearts of her people.

This is what I heard during this morning's sermon. This promise of the Child born, the Son given.  

"Every warrior's boot used in battle and every garment rolled in blood will be destined for burning, will be fuel for the fire. 
For to us a child is born, 
to us a son is given, 
and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father,
 Prince of Peace." 
Isaiah 9:5-6niv

The verse after the bloody boots...promises a baby.

I try to imagine what that meant for a people who had nearly forgotten the promise of Messiah. 

 A people who would not live to see Him born. 

The people who would read it seven centuries later and still not understand the promise fulfilled. 

 The people who read it today and
 do not know that 
The Child has come and, as King,
 is coming again.

All over the globe, there is bloodshed. 
 God's people, the Jews, are still being persecuted and yet they do not understand that 
the Child has already come.

God's people, the Church, are still being persecuted and yet many do not understand that the Child is no longer a child.  

They stop at the Christmas Card.  
They don't continue to the fact that this Child will have the government upon His shoulders and 

His kingdom
 will NEVER end.

That He is called 



Mighty God

Everlasting Father

Prince of Peace

The prophet Isaiah knows this, because, as it was pointed out this morning, fifteen years previously, Isaiah had been allowed to 
 Jesus.  Seated on a throne.  Exalted.

Remember, this was 700 years before that Baby made His appearance in Bethlehem.

We earthbound people are trapped
 in time and space. 
 Yet, Jesus, is eternal. 

 He set aside  His glory and became trapped with us in time and space for 33 years. 
 But, do not doubt it.

 He is the I AM.  

He Was..... And Is..... And Is To Come.

Hope.  Faith.  Joy.  Love. 

All of these are only possible because 
He is on that throne.

His sovereignty guarantees that, 
although our world may appear to be spinning recklessly out of control, 
it is not.  

There is MORE. 

What does it mean to you when you read about the violence and turmoil and pain and sin-sickness that dominates our headlines and your daily newsfeed?  

What if you realize that in the midst of it all, 
God has not forgotten us?

Not only that, 
He sent His one and only Son 
into the very midst of the 
violence and turmoil and pain and sin-sickness. 


The very One who sits upon that throne....
whose kingdom will never end......
that One, Jesus, 
placed Himself into the midst of it all
 as a helpless newborn baby....

confined Himself to frail human form.....
submitted Himself to death on a cross....
paid the penalty for your sin.....
and.....became that sin......

was raised in a glorified human body
 three days later from the dead.....

and today, this day
is alive and has everything under His feet?

What does that mean to you?  

You see, there is more behind the sentiment expressed on a lovely Christmas Card.....

 much more than we can ever sing about in our songs.  

There is a Living God.

Lift up your eyes and see 
the One
 whom Isaiah saw.

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