16 December 2014


I've recently been blessed by some wonderful friends who have been sharing my blog.  

It has been a little while since I changed the format of my blog to a magazine style.  
I am still not very tech savvy, but I do realize that some of the older style posts do not translate well in the newer format.

So......if you take a notion to go to the old part of the house, you might find some cobwebs and broken bits lying around. 

I apologize.

If you discover type that is too small to read, 
photos that look like someone 
tossed them in a pile, 
 links that are broken or removed,

Please let me know.

I am up to about July of 2010 at this point.  
So, if you are at the in-between places, 
please don't run away, 
but come back and, hopefully, 
things will look better.

As for the ways of housekeeping.....

it is often the case, that when you really do a good cleaning up, you discover things that you had forgotten all about.

That is the case here.  I am re-living birthdays and struggles and blessings and questions that I wrote about 5 years ago or less.  

It is bittersweet.

Do you know, that the kid I was writing about, who had just turned old enough to legally ride in the front seat of a car in the USA  four years ago, is now driving me around in that car???

Be prepared to offer me hugs and a handkerchief when I begin writing about my musings during these few days. 
 It is much like pulling out all of the old photo albums.

As the Bible says, "Life is a vapor." (James 4:14)

But, oh..
Great is His Faithfulness!

So, thank you very much for reading and subscribing and posting your thoughts and sharing my ramblings with others. 


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