26 May 2014

Anybody Here Wanna Live Forever?

"Say, I do."

That's a line of a song from the 1970's. 
It seems to be on my mind lately. 
 I suppose it is because in the past few weeks, we have had three funerals to attend.  
Two family members and an elderly neighbor. Before that, in April, we said goodbye to my husband's grandfather who was one of  
 "The Greatest Generation".

Death is a sobering reality. 
At some time or other, it is on the mind of every person who lives on this earth.

 In fact, the "Live Forever" question
 is currently being addressed on a 
television program that will answer the question 
of whether science has figured out 
the secret to make us immortal.

Well, let me tell you something......
in my current state of health, I don't wanna. 
 Not if it means in this body,
 in this world. 

Truly, can anyone want to live forever in the current state of things?
 Crime, poverty, disease, hunger, 
family problems, unemployment.....
and this past week, 
heat indexes in the triple digits!  
Not me.

However, let me tell you a little secret. 
Every human soul will live forever. 
It is a matter of what kind of living
 and where it will be.

  The Bible tells us that
 God made us in His image. 
Then we, human beings, messed it up
 and brought death into the world. 

When Adam sinned, his sin instantly
 separated him from God. 

His body began to break down and 
eventually died. 

His access to the Tree of Life was blocked 
so that he would not live forever 
in a perpetual state of sin and decay. 

Because of that sin, each of us experience pain, death, sorrow, and sickness.

God did not leave us in our misery. 
He made a way to Him through 
the sacrifice of His one and only Son,
 Jesus Christ. 
 Through Jesus' death, burial and resurrection,
 all our sin is forgiven.

Our spirit is made alive with His Spirit. 
He is with us through the pain and troubles of this life and we are with Him when our bodies die. Yes, all of us will die. 

But, for the one who belongs to Jesus, 
we are promised a new body. 
 One that will never die. 
 We will be with Him forever,
 no longer plagued by sin and sorrow.

For those who do not belong to Him, 
they will live forever separated from 
God and loved ones in agony.

Fear of death is common to all men. 
It is so strong, that many cannot attend the funeral of a loved one.

In Christ, there is nothing to fear.

I do not want science to figure out how to become immortal in the circumstance I am currently in. Of course, if one does not have the hope of eternal life, then perhaps this is better than nothing.  I certainly don't want to keep living with pain and sickness and a troubled world.

Anybody here wanna live forever?

Say yes, to Jesus. 
Turn away from sin to His saving grace. 

Say, "I do".


  1. Amen, I want to be free!! and live in peace. reading this blessed my heart to know we do have a happy ending ^_^

    1. Karen, My prayer is that you do know Jesus as your Savior. God Bless.