08 December 2012

Eye Trouble

I have read that,
 babies are born near-sighted
 and they can only see the distance
 from Mama's arms to her face.  

As they grow, their vision will usually sharpen 
and they will see things in the distance that they never knew existed. 

For some reason, that tendency to look at what is nearest becomes a habit with us in life.  

When things get interesting, we focus right in to what we are doing and barely look up.

 When things get difficult, we examine closely trying to find a solution. Often, we decide we are not seeing the whole picture but instead of standing back, we get out our magnifying glass and stare mystified.

 Some things in life cause so much pain that the problem, we reason, must not be visible just by looking and we pull out our microscopes and peer into the invisible hoping to understand and finally find a solution. But often, this only causes more frustration and so in our desperation for a diversion, we finally look up and around...


...usually to see what we think is the answer to our problem.  
And we begin to ponder this new thing 
that  is out of reach for us. 
 This thing that is not allowed for us. 

What is perhaps dangerous for us. 

If we could find a way out there, 
we might go, 
but One wiser than ourselves 
has kept us safely inside. 
And so we divert ourselves
 by watching what is happening out there.  

You know,
 so we don't have to think about 
what is in us.

while looking up and out from our inside place, we miss what is beautiful and good.  
What has been given to us inside where we are allowed to be. 
 It is backlit by our diverted attention of 


and so this inside gift is darkened...
and we can't clearly see exactly what it is that has been placed right in front of us.

The Bible explains our poor vision 
so that we can keep our perspective.

 "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."                                 1Corinthians 13:12 KJV

Whatever difficult path you are on today,
 and however much
 the pain is blinding you,
 remember that Jesus sees 
the end from the beginning. 

 He sees you. 

He knows you. 

His Word is the Light that shines
 in the dark places 
when your eyes cannot see where to walk and your heart yearns for relief.

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