20 July 2011

Getting Something Done

Yesterday, I spent most of the day
 on the computer.  
That is very rare.

 Usually during the school year, 
the kids are on the computer all day
 doing various assignments.  

I actually had a decent night's sleep 
(well, truth be told, I took a very long nap the previous day and then slept fairly well) 
and did not wake up with a pounding headache.  

So, I decided some housekeeping was in order
 on the computer.

I printed off logs of some school work.  
Do you know, those programs
 that keep track of  your kid's school work
 can really boost your self-esteem?  
The ones that keep track of days and hours and minutes and even how many problems worked......
they are......

Anyway, I also spent the day 
uploading hundreds of photos to a website
 and then organized them
 and put some on a share site.  

That took a while. 
 But I had a great time. 
 I would much rather deal with photos this way than having them in boxes
 all over the living room floor. 
 I have a closet full of boxes that seem to be whining because they are 
not in albums........

I am not a scrapbooker......
at least not the real, 
cut the paper, put it in the book type.  
I enjoy looking at them, but not making them. 
It stresses me out! 

I would much rather make something on the computer.  If I don't like it, 
I can delete it and try again. 
But, I have only made one photo book on the computer and it did not have any words.  

 I have a couple of children's books 
rolling around in my mind and I may just give it a go and see what happens. 
 Over the years, I have thought of
 several specific types of books that I just could not find to help my special kid. 
Now that she is older, 
maybe I can tackle some of them.

I'm still having trouble reading words correctly and have started a 
fish oil/antioxidant/probiotic frenzy 
to help put back
 whatever I lost over the winter.  

It is so weird to read something, 
realize it does not make sense 
and then re-read it again and get it right. 
 I always wonder how in the world, 
I could have read it wrong the first time.  
So, I'm still on that road. 

 I hope it gets better because I cannot tell you how annoying it is to someone who prides herself on being a quick and accurate reader.

You caught that, didn't you? 

....prides herself....

Yep, still the beast must continually be put down.  I don't expect my brain will be back up to speed anytime soon.........

In the meantime, 
I have had a great time looking at photos 
from the past year. 
It is so fun to discover things that you have forgotten about. 

 In my case, it really was a surprise seeing photos that I took just a few months ago
 and had completely forgotten. 
That is what some of these random photos 
are doing here, 
if you were wondering.

If you are staying inside to beat the heat, 
why not organize some of those photos you've got stashed in your computer and upload them somewhere so you won't lose them.

 Hey, why not share them
 with family and friends who will 
never see them otherwise?  

You know, the ones you had promised a copy?

 I bet you'll enjoy it!

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