06 October 2010

A Lesson of Grace

On a hot summer night twenty-one years ago, 
God gave me a baby girl 
who was much prayed over. 
She was the third blessing added to our family
 and I was beginning to learn about a very real, very personal God who cares about the 
tiniest details of my life.

He taught me that He can be trusted 
to plan my family size. 

He taught me that obedience does not require "feeling obedient". 

He taught me to trust Him through a time 
when we did not know if
 I had miscarried or not. 

He taught me that it was okay to ask the
 "why" questions 
since I was being obedient to Him. 

He taught me to be bold enough
 to let Him plan her entrance into the world 
and gave me the thrill of
 a "no-intervention" birth 
with a run to the hospital 
and a quick labor and delivery 
that I had not experienced before
 or since.

He gave me a word. 

John 15:16 "...you did not choose Me, I chose you to bear much fruit...fruit that would last.." 

He let me know this child was a girl....
without ultrasound. 
(promise of God) 
(well, it's all grace isn't it?)

She was, and is, a delight. 
Stray animals and people will be found by her. 
I learned not to be surprised to see a new face sitting with my family for the church service. When she was little, 
the definition of "stranger" had to be clearly explained because she would just ask the person's name and then declare them 
not to be strangers any longer.

The tomboy in the princess dress....
that is our Ellie....
very good at being both at the same time. 

All mercy...
all for Jesus...

When she ran in from riding her bike to tell us she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart, 
we made sure that we did our parental duty and asked her dozens of questions.
 Finally, she looked at us and said, 
"Are you going to let me be a Christian?"
 Guess we overdid it.

Being a second daughter, 
she relied on big sister's opinions of things. 
But once she was on her own, 
she discovered what we knew all along...
 that she had a good head on her shoulders 
and a faith in the
 Lord that would lead her.

Now she is all grown-up and married. 
We are so happy to see 
what God is doing in her life.

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Happy Birthday, Nic!


  1. If I met her on the street-I would know for sure that beautiful lady is your daughter!

  2. Wow, I think she looks a lot like you in that bottom picture, Debbie!

    Tammy ~@~