08 September 2010

A Goodly Heritage

Today's quote in my Elisabeth Elliot flip calendar says this: 

"A family is a microcosm of the
Family of God, and the same Law of Love governs both."

today is my birthday

I'd like to try to fulfill Exodus 20:12

Honor your father and your mother,
so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

Raising children is not easy. 
Ask anyone who's tried. 
Then ask my parents if it was easy raising me. 
You might hear something like, 
"She was a pretty good kid." 
 That, dear friends, is an example of  love covering a multitude of sins. 
I remember the kind of kid I was.....
I remember the kind of teenager I was......

so for the record

 Mom and Dad,
 for putting up with me
 for loving me
for forgiving me
for supporting me
for taking me to church
for teaching me to love music
to love books
to know right from wrong
to leave things better than I found them
for the example of jumping in to help
for being wonderful grandparents

For such parents you have been and are still. 
 I didn't get my red hair from either of you,
 but my eyes are blue-green 
(a little of both). 
I learned how to sing harmony from my dad, 
and how to love books from my mom.  
I love research and details like he does 
and arts and crafts like she does.

I know how to drive a stick-shift,
 and I know that you should fill up the gas tank when you return a borrowed car. 
I've never been afraid to find my way to a place I've never been......
I've been taught to read a map....
I also understand why fathers 
want their kids to call 
when they safely reach their destination.

I can sew things without a pattern or 
make something beautiful out of odds-and- ends.
 I can improvise and put children into groups
 and keep them interested........ 
I know that people who are grieving or sick
 need nourishing food that is easy
 for them to eat...
and I know how to cook it. ...
 I know that mothers sacrifice 
time and health .....

...and eat the burnt grilled cheese sandwiches.

...you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places;
yea, I have a goodly heritage.

photos: me with my dad and mom, our family including brother's family and grandma
Quote from Elisabeth Elliot;
Exodus 20:12 and Psalm 61:5 from NIV Bible; Psalm 16:6 from KJV Bible

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  1. Happy Birthday!! And isn't it wonderful to look back at all the things our parents did teach us? Maybe we weren't the "best" of children--particularly teenagers--maybe they had their downfalls as parents sometimes.

    But, in the long run, they were there for us, and this shows in your post.

    I have a co-worker who receives flowers from her daughter on her daughter's birthday--a thank you to her mom for all she has done and sacrificed for her.