05 September 2010

Fairest Fourteen

I know a fair maiden with long golden hair.

Sounds like the start of an old Irish ballad, doesn't it?  But, this fair maiden is my sweet daughter whose birthday we celebrated just a, ....ahem, a few weeks ago.  Time is slipping past me very quickly and two more fair ladies have celebrated birthdays in the meantime.  

Back to this fair maiden with the long golden hair.....

She was born on a hot July morning in a place I never thought I'd be.  Just a little ways over the Louisiana border and a stone's throw from Texas. 

She came screaming into our lives and for about a week I thought she would never stop!

...but she did and became one of two children I would dare to label "quiet".

She has a tender, loving heart and is willing to help out in whatever way is needed. 
She leads little children in music at our Good News Club. She is currently on her first mission trip to Mexico, where she will be leading music as well as sharing the gospel and serving the saints. She is so very excited!

It is hard to believe that she is in
 high school already.....
playing flute in advanced band......
playing and singing in the youth praise team......

Isn't she one of my "littles"?

Ahh....but the littles are growing up........  
and so we must adjust our mindset and 
savor the days.

Happy Birthday, Fairest Fourteen!

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