13 July 2010

Twelve and Terrific!

As I told you in my last post, we celebrated an important birthday in our house near the end of June. The smallest and last that I birthed has been a most delightful joy to all of us.  

His birth came just a bit early due to some complications that I'd never experienced before, but all was well, and since he was the smallest in birth weight, he was dubbed "peanut" by me. 
But, not for long.  

"Sunshine" was a common nickname 
accompanied by the singing of that wonderful song, "You Are My Sunshine", written by former Louisiana Governor Jimmie Davis.  
Yes, this twelve year old is one of my two 
"swamp babies".

Something happened on the first visit this little one made to church. You know, one of those moments you just ponder from time to time. 
I met  Mike Gilchrist in a doorway, 
a great saint in the Lord who has gone before us many years since. 
 I was going out and he was coming in. 
He said, "Oh! So this must be the new little one!"  I nodded yes, and he placed one of his hands on each side of J's head and looked intently at him. 

"He looks like a preacher to me.  
Don't you think he looks like a preacher?"

"If you say so, Brother Mike, 
from your mouth to God's ears."

I have never forgotten it.

This little boy had the unusual habit of confessing his wrongs without prodding.  
His little conscience seemed so tender. 
Each time he confessed something, I prayed that God would always keep him so. 
 I am not implying he is a perfect child. 
He is a child still.  
In fact, my biggest job back then was to keep him safe. He was a master of getting into mischief.

I worried when his place in the family was
 de-throned by a new sister, who is in fact, 
seven months older than he is. 
He tried to give her a hug....she slugged him.  

Still, he did not feel threatened by her, 
but loved her. 
They soon became my "Disaster Duo". 

 I learned valuable lessons such as....

...it only takes two minutes to fill up a deep garden tub and unroll the toilet paper from across the room and throw it into the new lake.

............toddler bodies completely covered in vaseline are quite slippery and vaseline is VERY DIFFICULT to wash out of long hair.

.......if you have not seen or heard anything out of them for more than 30 seconds, some sort of disaster is in the making.

........... those "baby tents" that attach to the crib  can be unzipped by small fingers from the inside.

..........those baby locks for refrigerator doors can be bypassed by pulling off the handle of the refrigerator itself.

I must say that they entertained my friends 
with their antics, 
but I did not think any of it was very funny, 
at the time...

He has never been afraid to stand up for what he believes is right. 
I have heard him argue the biblical side of a case to a sibling twice his age. 

And, he was so caught up in the 2004 Presidential election, that he would ask people who they were voting for! 

If you want to be prayed for, let him know it.
 He never forgets anyone's name. 
He would come home from Mission Friends or RA's and have a list of names....
often he would explain that they were not the "real" names, 
but the missionaries would be in danger, otherwise. 

One day he asked me where the farthest place in the world was on the map from Louisiana where we lived. In the far corner of the map on the wall was New Zealand.  

"I'm going to live in New Zealand when I grow up and be a missionary......{pause}.......uhm, can I go to New Zealand, Mom?" 

 From that point on, everything was about 
New Zealand. 
 He got books about it and read about it and listened to people who had gone there on vacation. 

He knows more about New Zealand than I do.

Now,  there are new frontiers to explore. 
He is very interested in astronomy and will not let me sell the textbook that we used. 

He watches the NASA channel. 
 I wonder how many 10-12 year old boys do that?  

He must be busy all the time. 
He loves running the cross country course with his brother and even ran in the Junior Olympics.  
His baseball team finished first in the league this year and he alternated between first and third base. 

Everything is exciting and new! 

Ah yes......the coveted honor of being old enough 
for the front seat.......

All of these things are wonderful!

I'm getting a kick out of watching 
this kid grow up.  
I get misty eyed thinking about it, 
but I know it is as it should be.

Happy Birthday, Jimmer-Jammer!

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  1. You have such a handsome 12 year old! I hope he had a very special birthday!