02 April 2010

"Why Do You Call Me Good?" ~ Pondering Good Friday

All this week I have heard and read glimpses of the phrase, 
"This is Holy Week." 

My week did not seem so holy. 

In fact, I had to keep forcing myself to remember that Easter is coming this week. 

Instead of the usual calm routine, visits to various doctors filled the week. 
Worry, questions, frustrations and anger crowded everything.
 Schedules, meetings, lists mingled with a searing pain on the left side of my head brought on in part by the invisible pollens that fly through the air bringing the green and yellow and lavender beauty of the spring. 

Between professional admonitions of 

"reduce your stress level in 
whatever way you can"

and discovering the cause of hair loss in a twelve year old special needs child, 
was the pounding of a heartbeat in my left ear that does not encourage sleep to come.  

And it is reminiscent of the pounding of a hammer that is the cause of all these things with which we suffer.

The pounding of sin.

The words of Jesus to the rich young ruler were these, 

"Why do you call me good? 
Only God in heaven is good." 

Did the young man realize Jesus was God? 
Was Jesus helping him to see it? 
When given the answer to his question of how to obtain eternal life, 
he went away sad because he was very rich. 
(Luke 18:18-25)

And this day.......Good Friday.......which was reported by the news media had been changed in some communities to "spring holiday"...
what makes it good?

It is the day that, in the eyes of the followers of Jesus of Nazareth, all their hopes died.

 What they never imagined could happen, happened. 

Their Teacher and Master was being put to death on a cross as a common criminal.

 A crown of cruel thorns on His head and mocked as King of the Jews. 

It is the day of such strange events: 
total darkness at midday, earthquakes, 
dead people coming out of tombs.

Pain, misery, fear, worry, stress, loss, grief, confusion........
that is what was felt by those who loved Him.

That is what He tried to explain to them was coming.

It had been His plan all along.

It was necessary.

It was the ransom paid for you, 
for me.

It was the cure for my sin.  
He became Sin for me and gave me the Righteousness of God.

These symptoms of my sin still linger, but they do not hold me prisoner. 

They do not defeat me utterly.

That Friday is Good because Jesus' sacrifice satisfied the Justice of  Holy God.

And on Sunday, that justice was shown to all by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Death is Conquered!

Hell is Defeated!

Sin is no longer a cruel master 
to those who put their trust
 in Messiah!


  1. Amen! Great blog! Powerful truths you imparted to us. My heart was stirred as I read it. It was a stressful week for me too. But God is good! I pray you have a good weekend and you get some restful sleep.

  2. Such beautiful words and pictures! I'm so sorry your week was so stressful. May your Easter be filled with rest and lots of fun and family!

  3. A wonderful way of putting it all in perspective Debra. It's comforting to experience Christ's sacrifice for our eternal lives and when we abandon ourselves to Him regardless how faltering we may be His hope is always there providing us with God's grace. Thanks for enlightening my faith.

  4. Thank you. I found your blog this time via your comment on my blog. Very profound and so familiar to me. The pictures are very beautiful. Let us continue to look to Him, Jesus, the perfecter of our faith. He is risen and He lives for ever!

  5. Amen! "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?" Eagerly awaiting the final fulfillment of this. It does help me to think that along with that comes no more pain, no more sorrow.... May God give you courage in your journey, sister. <3