09 March 2010

The Hope of Spring

The sun is doing its best
to melt the remnants of snow.

Jackets are left behind
with the declaration
that it's in the 50's

and         that         means         it            is          HOT!

Waiting for spring in southern Indiana takes more patience than waiting for it in northwestern Louisiana which comes in mid-February. In Louisiana, we would have daffodils and crocus by February's end and the wisteria would come in its glory and then fade into the summer foliage.

Our view out the windows by the third week in March was glorious with pinks and lavender and white and yellow. We had another yellow, named pine pollen, which was our nemesis and which kept some of us prisoner inside the house when the warm temperatures beckoned us to the woods.

The view from the windows of this Hoosier home show patches of green and brown with piles of muddy white from snow shoveled from walking paths. Snowmen are memories from the warmth of the sun and deep in the earth the miracle of  rebirth is kindling and will bring beauty again.

It is time to look toward spring and all the wonders that come with it.

Can you hear the birds singing of Spring's imminent return?

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