15 January 2010

Temperature is Relative

One week ago, we had 4-6 inches of snow. 

Homeschool co-op was cancelled, public and private schools were cancelled or delayed, and we were hunkered down inside a "kinda warm" house.  

It was so very cold outside and the wind was blowing the snow into drifts. 
Then on Saturday, the kids had a blast playing in the snow.

Yesterday was our first day for co-op since Christmas Break. 
It was downright BALMY. 
At 5pm, it was 43 degrees F. 
(anybody know how to make that little degree symbol?) 

The kids and I threw our coats in the trunk and ran around like it was spring....
or winter in the south. 

It was nice.

The snow is nearly all gone from the front yard, but is still piled up here and there, 
and it is still cold.
 But, what a difference a week can make! 

I had just finished clearing out a storage area at the top of the cellar stairs to make an organized place for coats, boots, and other winter paraphanalia.

 I lamented to my hubby that the snow is melting now that I have a place
 to put all the wet coats 
and boots that were driving me crazy 
inside my kitchen door. 

My kitchen door is the main entrance that people use and is literally two steps from the table and is open to the family room. 

He told me that I have nothing to fear 
because it is still winter. 
 Oh yeah......we do live in the midwest and it is 
only the second week of January.

 Oh well...we can enjoy it while we can. 
 The first days that we had 40F weather, we thought we'd freeze to death....
and now, everyone thinks it is summer...
go figure.

Here are some pics from

Germany....they have a lot more

snow than we had and are prone

to jealousy if we mention 40F 


It is lovely though.  

Just like a fairy tale....

...or Narnia!

Have a blessed day no matter what the temperature is outside!

photos: kids playing in snow by deb
Winter in Germany and mom on assignment title photos by Gary Richardson
 all rights reserved

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