16 November 2009

Things I Want to Learn

Why is it, that when you decide you will put your thoughts out there for others to read, 
you can't figure out what those thoughts are? 
 I will just blame it on "mommy brain"......
or fatigue.........
or stress.......
or too much sugar.....

Honestly, after I started this blog, I began to look around here in cyberspace a bit and I have found some wonderful places. 
There are many out there who have so much wisdom and wit. 
Oh- and what about all the unique blogs out there. I have found a few gems,  
.....which made me a bit keyboard shy.

Mostly, my experience with my computer has been limited to one email address (well, there is another that I rarely check), one Etsy store, a few trips to Ebay Land, and a Message Board of faithful friends, 
some of whom I have never met in real life. 

There are searches for things I want to buy or learn about and a few dips into topics that interest me such as homeschooling, genealogy and photography. 

But, until now, I have never written a blog.

It's intimidating.

Okay.....so, in my distracted and nearly-middle-aged mind , I have decided that all of the fragments that swirl in my head all have one thing in common.

 They are new interests.  
They are things I want to learn.

 Recently, I was browsing around on Facebook (forgot to mention that one) to see what my grown kids are up to.....
umm, I do talk to them on the phone, 
but I can't see photos of their vacations on the phone....
anyway, one gal who is a very young twenty-something was making a Bucket List.  

I don't think she needs to worry about that now, but there are some things that we think about doing, and then, oh, a couple of decades or more fly by and we've never given them another thought........

I don't have a Bucket List, but lately, there have been a few things about which I have thought, 
"I'd like to learn how to do that."  
Some are expensive and some are not. Some require a little practice and some will require more years than I probably have to master.  
All of them are creative, artsy things.

 I don't have much time to create things with my hands. I read and read and read.....but usually to find information that I need and I rarely have time for my mind to just... think...and meditate on what is important in this life.

I think that we all have the ability and yes, even the need, to create things. To fashion something that wasn't there before. Something that brings beauty to our lives and others.Something that meets a need.  Something that makes us appreciate that someone had to slow down and put forth an effort. Something that took thought and maybe a bit of planning.

I like to make things. I like to feel the satisfaction of seeing something old and ugly become new and attractive (even if only to me). I want to know if anything rational and interesting can come out of the jumble of thoughts swirling in my head.

So, here are a few things that are on my list of Things I Want to Learn.

I'd like to learn how to upholster furniture.

I'd like to finish the research on my house and make a glossy photo book about it.

I'd like to do the same on various branches and people in the family.

I'd like to learn how to make books and journals out of various things and for various purposes.

I'd like to learn how to get my music onto paper so that I can share it.

I'd like to learn how to play the cello.

I'd like to learn how to lay tile.

I'd like to learn how to hook rugs.

I'd like to learn how to write a blog.

So far, I've found several books that can help me learn many of  these things. I have learned how to do many things from books.  Books are friends. Well, the good ones are.  And I have a new folder in my "fav's" that is titled Things I Want to Learn. I also have software to help me do some things like writing music, but I'm still doing the beginning baby steps.  I do not have a cello. But I know where I can find a teacher.

 And, I have figured out how to write something for you to read when I thought I had nothing to say.

Okay, now it's your turn.
What would you like to learn how to do?
  Let me know and maybe we will all be inspired by the new act of learning something new.

photo: north shore of prince edward island, Canada (c) debbie richardson


  1. I think we feel the need to create because we are made in His image, the God who is the ultimate Creator!
    I would like to learn:
    How to make fine tailored or designer clothing.
    How to do orienteering.
    I'd also like to put together a genealogy book of my family tree with glossy photos and interesting stories as told from letters and interviews.
    How to own a coffee shop/bakery/cheese store and make it successful.
    How to ride horseback the right way.

    I want to travel to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and see the places of my ancestors.

    I want to solve the genalogy mystery of my great great great grandfather.

    I want to travel the US with my husband and see all the great things of this country.

    Not too ambitious, is it???

  2. Absolutely not! It's a great list! I hope we get to read more lists. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. At this point in my life...

    1. I would like a clean house.
    2. Adopt a baby.
    3. Get our kids addicted to education.
    4. Make a difference!

    I do realize that #1 probably will not happen as long as I am doing #2, 3, and 4.

    I have things that I can do but not so much the time to do them right now. I like to scrapbook and started a quilt 4 years ago. Someday I will finish those but as for right now...I enjoy making memories with my children and being home with them. So I guess I will stick to playing Sorry in the living room floor.

  4. You are right about that! Plus, you will have helpers to achieve number one before too much longer...they keep making messes, but can learn to clean up.