29 October 2009

What's My Assignment?

Several years ago, my husband sent an email to me about a woman who told the Lord that she would do anything and go anywhere that He wanted. 

Of course, she was thinking about being a missionary to the other side of the world or making huge sacrifices in some other significant way of service.
 The Lord told her that He wanted her to be in charge of a group of people , none of whom the world thought very important, and that she would not get paid or noticed. She eagerly agreed and wondered where He was sending her. He told her it was where she was already. At home. 

Her "people group" was her children. 
She was disappointed.

I remember distinctly the moment that I was told that if I were married and had children, then I had a ministry. I didn't need to keep looking for it. My ministry was my husband and children. I remember thinking, "Really? God thinks that is important?"

Yeah, I really thought that.

I had been trying to think of some way I could "do something really important for God" and it was driving me crazy. I didn't have a college degree. I didn't have a job outside the home. I didn't have a paying job in the home. I had three kids and a husband. I stayed home and took care of my house and family. I felt that I didn't have any "big thing" I could do. All of the women in my life were 'doers'. They taught, they worked, they raised families.

I felt insignificant.

This was the beginning of a whole new way of looking at my life. I wish I could say that I learned that lesson and was happy and content forever after......
but, no.

Every so often I look around......I know it is not a wise thing to do. I start to compare myself to others and I end up sorely lacking. I hear that voice in my head that says I should "do" something important. I'm tired of laundry and housework and schooling......of not having a college degree or career that I can tell people I "laid aside" to care for my children......of not being able to think of a way to earn extra money from home to "help out".

Discontentment is an ugly thing
It breeds self-pity.
 It is not where I want to be.

So.........what if God asked me to do the things I do?

What if He gave me this assignment and because of that, it does have importance?

He did.

He is.

It does.


  1. Debbie,
    I can't count how many times that I've had those thoughts. The father of lies loves to deceive and burden us with self-doubt and pity. Like you, I have to remember the Truth. We are His workmanship. We are multiplying God's kingdom. If we teach our children to hear from God and obey Him and they touch a few lives, how great a work is that?
    I love hearing your heart speak. You are a woman of great worth and a wonderful friend to have.

  2. Thanks. I must admit that after I wrote that post, I had many doubts about it. I worried that it would sound as if I were dissatisfied with my life. But, being real is more important and more helpful. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.

  3. I hit that spot myself many a times.....this is but a season of my life and I would NOT miss it...even on "those" days.

  4. This is a beautiful testimony! So glad you commented and I found your blog, this is so encouraging for Mommies!

    1. Thanks for reading, Stacy. I'm glad you think so...I'm in the Grammie stage now, but I still remember the "littles years" very well....welcome!