30 October 2009

Mom of the Century.....well, not exactly........

Today, I have been a mom for a quarter of a century. 


When I mentioned this to my middle son, he said he'd never thought of it like that.
There are so many memories. 
So much laughter and tears. 
So much anxiety and so very many prayers.

God has been faithful. 
He always is. 
There is never a doubt about that.

From the very beginning, when I first knew the desire to be a mother, God began teaching me to trust Him with my children. It is not an easy thing to learn. But step by step, patiently, He showed me that He is big enough to take care of them. That He is big enough to take care of me. He has made sure that there is no doubt as to Who gets credit for how well my children turn out.

My brave soldier son has hit a milestone. 
I am very proud of him. 
I am thankful that God gave me this assignment.

......and remember.......I have six other kids to talk about, not counting the wonderful people who decided to be part of this family of their own free will....

Happy Birthday, Son!

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